Posture and Neuro-Ergonomics

Work Enjoyment & Focus Soar with Optimal Posture & Work Space.

Muriel Poli,D.C. has a unique expertise in Postural Neurology, Computer & Digital Ergonomics, and Biomechanics that give her the best edge to boost good posture and focus.

You can experience today greater work satisfaction, energy, flexibility or boosted school performance and focus.

Why does one experience pain and / or loss of focus?

Weakened back and neck muscles and sitting at a desk or on a couch improperly setup, for hours at a time, will produce forward head leaning and a hunched upper back, leading to: ¨Text Neck¨ , and associated pains such as neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and reduced mobility, to name a few.

A 45 degree head tilt puts 17 kg of extra pressure on the neck discs and joints. The immediate effect is a pulling of the spinal cord and strained muscles.

Postural ergonomic correction Barcelona

This may result is cognitive decline, loss of focus, brain fatigue, low mood, lack of empathy. We may also see attention deficit, impaired learning, increased impulsivity, sleep problems…

When problems do occur, you need a comprehensive set of solutions:

One of the key solutions is to Assess the Brain´s Posture Control System. The posture control system, is the "software" & neurocircuitry that allows you to be able to sit and stand upright by counteracting the effects of gravity.Once the weaker links are identified within that system, target specific work or school posture correction exercises are provided, along with learning and incorporating new posture and brain fitness habits.

Gentle Chiropractic to “unlock” the spine, ensure optimal flexibility & energy, and to power-up your posture muscles.  The spine is the ¨tower¨that enables you to be upright, otherwise you would only be a set of legs and arms. Furthermore it is the bridge between the brain and the body. It needs to be properly maintained.

A Virtual Work Space Evaluation using photos, enables us to make recommendations for a productive work space setup and simple equipment to add.

Food recommendations to combat sluggish energy or brain fog, and to build vitality!

What you can do today?

  1. Download our general posture break exercises to get started. Send us an email to request your copy.
  2. Schedule a yearly posture system & spinal health check.
  3. Program a Virtual Work Space Evaluation.
  4. Schedule a Workshop, for work or parent’s association, “The Keys to Posture Success” or "Best Digital Device Habits for Happy & Focused Kids".