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Dr. Poli´s Neuro-Spine Method helps to renew Brain-Body communication and upgrade the nervous system… our patients enjoy long-term health benefits and a life of wellness.


Dr Muriel Poli´s Neuro-Spine Method,  boosts your Body -Brain communication by unlocking the spine, ensuring optimal alignment and flexibility without manipulations (without using force).

Whatever changes you need to make in your health and life, it starts with the messages between the brain and the body. The spine is the bridge between them. We can help you to optimize your "bridge" for vibrant health and a great posture.                                    

The Neuro-Spine Method (NSM), was created by Dr. Muriel Poli to boost your Body-Brain´s communication by unlocking the spine, and ensuring optimal alignment and flexibility without manipulations (cracking) of the spine.

NSM consists of precise touch and light stimulations of specialized nerve endings (receptors) along the spine and body, to prompt or activate the brain to correct the spine and posture.                                                                                                                                                            

« My life is more than 100% better thanks to Dr. Poli. I wish I had met her 20 years ago! »Frank Azevedo

The brain can only heal the body parts it can find and communicate with. Prolonged poor posture at work or at school, combined with a misaligned spine creates massive dis-communication, and makes it very difficult for the brain to do its job.

Through renewed Body-Brain communication, NSM facilitates an upgrade of your nervous system, and our patients enjoy long-term benefits in terms of their health, emotional states and quality of life. Notably they start to take charge of their own health. 

The result is an astonishing increase in life enjoyment!