Digital & Computer Ergonomics

Energy for work and life enjoyment

Expertise in computer & digital ergonomics gives the best edge to boost work and life enjoyment, with greater energy and flexibility, and/or school performance and focus.

Muriel Poli,D.C. brings to the Barcelona community, a unique combined expertise of postural neurology and computer & digital ergonomics.

A poor desk set-up can be a contributing factor to cognitive decline, loss of focus, brain fatigue, pains, poor memory, low mood, lack of empathy…

Part of our comprehensive set of solutions is performing a virtual work space evaluation.

We will show you how to take 4 specific photographs of you seated at your desk. You will then email these photos for evaluation by Muriel Poli,D.C. She will then give you recommendations for a productive ergonomic workstation set-up; such as lighting, eye wear, adjustable desk, pillows, suggest “equipment” for the work place or home…

So you can have the energy you need for work and to enjoy your life!