Neuro-Posture Correction

Regain a confident and attractive Posture

New solutions are required for an optimal posture.


Muriel Poli,DC´s advanced training in Chiropractic, certification in Digital & Computer Ergonomics and Posture Neurology, enables her to find & correct the weaker links.

Posture shapes your self-worth and your view of the world around you.

As more and more individuals spend 8 to 12 hours a day in front of a digital device or computer, sedentarism and postural decline ensues.

Over time this leads to the ¨Sitting Disease”, which takes many forms, be it Headaches, Neck pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Obesity, Diabetes, Loss of Focus, Cognitive Decline… the list is extensive.

There is also a direct correlation between your posture and how you feel about yourself.

You do not have to be another statistic, real tangible solutions exist.

We bring to Barcelona ground breaking solutions:

Once we have your completed posture analysis, done a Chiropractic assessment of your spine for misaligned vertebrae, and evaluated your posture control system with functional neurology tests; we will provide you with personalized recommendations for Chiropractic care, Posture & Brain Exercises to do at work/school or at home. You will also be provided with videos for each exercise, to produce lasting changes in your posture, spine and brain fitness.

An expansive and open posture makes you more authentic and powerful!