Neuro Posture Correction Exercises

Regain a confident and attractive Posture

New solutions are required for regaining an optimal posture,

while remaining free of headaches, neck pain, back pain, poor balance and brain fatigue.

Dr Poli´s advanced training in Postural Neurology and certification in Digital & Computer Ergonomics enables her to correct the weaker links.


General stretches and exercises don´t do the job anymore to help the “occupational athlete”; not only do we have to fight gravity in new and challenging ways, but the human brain also requires specific stimulations to keep it focused and happy, in an upright posture.

We bring to Barcelona our ground breaking solutions, which start with correctly identifying which part of your brain´s posture control system needs strengthening.

Once we have your complete posture analysis, we will provide you with a posture health score, specific neurological and posture correction exercises to do at work or at school, along with a video for each exercise, to produce lasting changes.

This leads to soaring energy, focus, strategic thinking and life enjoyment.