Food and Supplement Therapy

Food as medicine & Nutraceuticals

“Food as medicine”, indeed your kitchen is your pharmacy! We will help you to select foods that support your body, microbiome and brain. We may also recommend nutraceutical supplements.

We design plans to ensure superior support and communication within the nervous system and cells, for vibrant energy.

Making the choice to eat clean is a healthy option for everyone, and as a general rule progressively removing foods that contain gluten, refined sugar, and dairy is a life changing experience. These foods are known to have a negative impact on the brain, leading to food sensitivities and inflammation, causing negative behaviours, physical symptoms, and learning challenges. As part of our standard chiropractic treatment each patient receives a personalized Diet Review; this allows us to detect potentially allergenic foods or poor food combining. This will enable you to improve your sleep, and have an upbeat mood and robust Energy.

Nutraceuticals are a new generation of supplements formulated to give specific organs the building blocks they need to regenerate and work well. Each organ or system are like a factory, (for instance a shoe factory needs leather, not sheets of steel), and they require specific raw materials to do their job.

“If you are looking for a global understanding, more holistic approach backed with solid scientific background and are ready to involve yourself into your healing, then you can go eyes closed!” Google review

Adults who have chronic fatigue, may have sluggish energy glands, and may need specific foods or support for the Thyroid and the Adrenal glands. They may also have low blood sugar, which is especially disruptive, and may require support for the pancreas; or to decongest the liver, from synthetic chemicals or heavy metals, which slow down the nervous system and the production of energy by the mitochondria.

We design plans to ensure superior support and communication within the nervous system and cells, as well as accelerating your progress in care.  

To identify what is at the root of the patient´s needs, we utilize state-of-the-art laboratory tests, chiropractic Applied Kinesiology testing, along with the physical examination findings and the patient´s history.

Our strategies  make for a «happier brain»,  younger and flexible body, and building vitality!