Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 09:30

Building a New Bridge to Joy!

October 11th at 17:45 @
Vitalia Quiropractica, a workshop in Spanish.


Have you ever looked at the self-help shelves in bookstores?
They seem to be endless!

Then why is it that most people are not super expansive and successful at living the life they desire?

Ultimately we all want more joy in some areas of our life.
If you feel stuck in mindless patterns of behaviour, feelings, thinking or the way you speak, and you don’t seem to “shake it off” then this presentation is for you.

Meditation and mindfulness are great for general health and centring yourself, but when it comes to producing tangible progress for what is really important to you, new beliefs, directed focus and actions are needed.

What do I mean?

if you want to change for example your interaction with co-workers or change your field of work that would be more in alignment with what your heart says you could be doing, meditation and visualization alone, without new beliefs, a clear focus and action strategies, won´t do the trick.

Join us on Friday the 11th and we will show you a novel approach on how you can produce new Body-Mind beliefs.
Yogis throughout the ages have stated that the spine is the seat of self- consciousness, (neuroscience tells us why, indeed the spinal cord is the first “step” in the perception of yourself and your environment.)

The spine is the bridge between the brain and the body, harmonizing its geometry will help to produce new neuro-circuitry and begin to enable an up-grade of your consciousness.

During this presentation I will be showing you how to amplifying your Heart-Spine-Brain coherence, through gentle chiropractic and specific practices.

Yet more is needed, and this is what Brigitte Martinez is going to present. She will give you an overview and exercises of what can be done to reset your beliefs and joy.

She is a life transformation strategist with the highest level of expertise in the S.A.N.E method (System of Neuro-Emotional Alignment).
She is also an Art Therapist.
Her creativity knows no bounds, and as a side note, she was a former interior architect in charge of the “Moroccan Royal Initiative for Architecture”. Furthermore she has exhibited her paintings internationally.

Brigitte deftly navigates the world of beliefs and their anchors in the body.

She has an immense talent and intuition coupled with tangible tools and strategies to help to change your internal states and to open doors to potentials that you have not yet expressed or didn’t even know existed.

During this presentation we will lead you through the adventure of self-discovery!
Dr. Muriel Poli,DC

Register at: info[at]vitaliaquiro[dot]com

published on 25 September 2019