Questions you should ask


1. Why Should I chose Vitalia Chiropractic?

We are the only office in Spain to offer a combination of Safe and Gentle Chiropractic using the Network Spinal Analysis method, ADHD & LD Natural treatments, Orthomolecular therapies, Detoxification plans and a comprehensive Interactive Health Education System. This Enables us to help cases that others have not been able to resolve.

2. Is Dr. Poli qualified to help me with my health complaints?

Dr. Poli has helped thousands of cases of chronic and acute pain, over the past 30 years in practice. She attended one of the top three Chiropractic colleges in the world, the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, where she receive a similar education to that of a medical doctor; yet with notable differences in emphasis, such as: 150 Hrs of X-ray, MRI, CT-scan and analysis, Extensive Neurology, Orthopedics, Body Mechanics, Nutrition and Chiropractic techniques. The breadth of her Continuing education is wide, and she has studied with some of the greatest minds in the fields of Functional Neurology, Network Spinal Analysis, ADHD & LD, Applied Kinesiology, Orthomolecular Therapies, Neuro-Endocrine Balancing and Detoxification. She also works in synergy with a wide array of carefully selected Health Care Professionals.

3. Are the Treatments Safe and do they hurt?

Modern Chiropractic is all about stimulating the brain to make the changes in your body so you can have the Vitality and Health that you need. To acheive this reorganization, only gentle stimulation is needed. Therefore Dr. Poli´s method is extremely safe and painless. Dr. Poli is also trained in motion palpation which allows her to accurately manually adjust vertebrae “back into place”, (should manipulations be requested), with great ease and comfort.

4. Does Dr.Poli use the latest Technology?

Dr. Poli is one of a few Chiropractors in Europe to use the Erchonia Cold Laser (U.S. Food & Drug Aministration approved), to help to regenerate Nerves, Bones, Muscles and Tendons. This is especially helpful in cases of Auditory, Vestibular, Trigeminal and Facial nerve “weaknesses” and inflammation. She also uses the Bio-Detoxification and Energy Balancing machine from Erchonia.

5. Will I be put on a one year treatment plan?

Absolutely NOT! Our Philosophy is to work in Partnership with you, not to impose some arbitrary plan. We can recommend, you decide. We offer a wide array of services to chose from, and a variety of payment plans, that make our services within the reach of any person, motivated to make a difference in their Health, Vitality and Life!

6. How long does a visit take and will they make me wait?

We value your time; in some healthcare facilities patients have to wait sometimes well over a half of their scheduled appointment time. In our office we strive to get you treated on time, and to see you within five minutes of your scheduled appointment time. A typical visit lasts between 20 to 30min. Our goal is not to just meet your expectations, but to exceed them. So you can always expect to receive the very best care, and to have an overall great experience.

7. Why is it that you treat children, they don’t have back problems?

Why is it that parents bring their children to the Pediatrician or Dentist? To Cultivate good health. Likewise ensuring the good health of a rapidly developing a nervous system, is absolutely crucial. Children who have chronic ear infections, intestinal gas, stomach pains, colics, frequent throat infections, asthma, hyperactive or have learning difficulties can all benefit from improving how their nerves and nervous system performs.

8. How long will it take before I start to feel better?

Each person’s history, emotions and life experience are different. The Human body is very complex, it is not like a car, where you can change a part and expected it to function right away. This Being said, I have found 85% of my patients experience a significant relief of symptoms within the first 3 to 6 visits.  Your entire Body and Mind will benefit from having a more efficient and better working nervous system for great Health and Harmony of for instance your digestion, blood pressure or reactions to people… This Will bring you a better quality of life and Vitality. 

9. I have a Disc herniation. Can Dr Poli help me, and is she a Specialist?

Yes, we see many complicated cases of disc herniation, (some of which involve cases of multiple surgeries that failed), and obtained remarkable results. This being said this diagnosis seems to become ever so popular, because of the more frequent use of MRIs. At the root of the cause of a disc herniation is a top to bottom spine problem.  Dr Poli has created 4 educational videos, explaining the causes and natural treatments of disc herniations.