Orthomolecular Treatments


Orthomolecular supplements:

Adults with for instance a sluggish Thyroid or Adrenals may need special support to strengthen or “rebuild” these energy glands. Orthomolecular formulations do just that. However to provide what is truely necessary we utilize sensitve state-of-the-art laboratory testing and Applied Kinesiology testing. 

An other example would be low blood sugar, which is especially disruptive and may require special supplement formulations, to support for example the pancreas or to decongest the liver. This therapy helps you to make your brain happier, your body younger, flexible and builds your vitality!


Personalized Detoxification and Cleansing: Superior Vitality of the Body-Mind

Synthetic chemicals and Heavy Metals obstruct the proper function of the nervous system, endocrine and immunological systems.  We design detoxification plans to ensure a superior internal communication within your nervous system and cells, for vibrant energy.