Postural Computer Ergonomics


                                                                                                   Look . Move . Feel Great!        Life Enjoyment & Productivity soar with Postural Ergonomic Solutions Confident Attractive Posture Greater Work & Life Enjoyment    Energy & Flexibility  Free of Neck & Low Back Pain & Eye strain  Efficient Memory, Clear Creative Thinking     Serious Disease Prevention Boosts Cognitive Performance & Focus                                                                                         Burns Calories Integral Postural Computer Ergonomics takes into account the person first, as opposed to just fitting equipment to the person. We provide you with a unique edge with Postural Computer Ergonomics and Brain Based Gentle Chiropractic. These are the best solutions to have a healthy posture, to prevent pain, a drop in cognitive abilities and low mood on the job! Dr. Muriel Poli, DC has advanced training in Postural Computer Ergonomics, and is a Certified Ergonomist. The Postural Ergonomic Solution to individual and corporate wellness focuses on five key components: Regaining Optimal posture, Flexible Joint Movement throughout the body, improved Neuro-Cognitive Output and having an Environment to work in that promotes productivity and efficiency. Finally, that individuals have optimal spinal health, meaning that they learn how to keep their Spines flexible and well adjusted. This novel approach produces a Win/Win dynamic. It is a win for the individual because they are healthier, happier and more comfortable in their working environment. It is a win for employers because Postural Ergonomics improves productivity and the health of employees, and prevents pain and disease leading to absenteeism. To begin to change the quality of your life and health at work, we propose the following options: Schedule our Postural Success Workshops: The 5 keys to prevent “Digital Dementia” Dr. Poli´s workshops are interactive, providing employees with corporate wellness solutions and tips for maintaining better posture and physical activities while seated.      Workshops are fun, engaging and highly beneficial. Schedule a yearly Virtual Posture & Workspace Evaluation.   Through photographs we can assess employees´ current work conditions and provide recommendations  for a healthy  posture and productive workspace. Schedule a Postural Neurology Evaluation with Dr. Muriel Poli,D.C.                                          American Posture Institute certified Expert Ergonomist. You will experience a uniquely in depth examination of your Posture System´s neurological circuitry, Posture, Spine, Muscle strength and Nutrition. After which you will be provided with a plan of action report. Join our “Neuro-Posture System Training” Exercise Classes. Traditional Computer Ergonomic approaches do not work. The mounting statistics of worker health decline prove that the down side of not addressing seated posture are grim and are as follows:

  • Decreased Life Expectancy


    Heart attacks

    Cancer, Colorectal and Endometrial Postural Decline Neck & Low back pain Advanced Spinal Degeneration Decline in Memory & Focus Productivity Plummet