Meet Dr. Muriel Poli,D.C.


Dr. Poli is a Specialist in:

Network Spinal Analysis
Funtional Neurology
Brain Based Computer Ergonomics
Applied Kinesiology
Orthomolecular Therapy
Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity in Barcelona

Dr. Poli offers a vast array of groundbreaking health solutions, accumulated over the past 30 years of continuing education and clinical experience. She has helped thousands of individuals in Europe and the USA to transform and awaken to a more meaningful and energy rich life. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering her patients and individuals to manage their own health and vitality through knowledge and to develop the inner resources to express their talents and manifest their heart’s desires with joy. She also successfully helps children and adults “diagnosed” with ADHD by applying a comprehensive and individualized natural approach to optimizing neurological and chemical imbalances associated with this label.
She frequently offers workshops to educate her patients and the public on how to positively transform nerve, emotional and body chemistry stressors. Before helping families in Barcelona, she founded the Tree of Life Chiropractic Center, in Los Angeles. Her articles on healthy living were published in the Larchmont Chronicle. Dr. Poli created a video series and a workbook on how to improve computer ergonomics. She received her degree of Doctor of Chiropractic from LACC, in Whittier, California.